The premium healthy soup brand that allows consumers to travel the world through flavor from home
About the project: 
Date: Fall 2020
The Team:
This project was created in six weeks by myself and my two teammates, a fourth year graphic design student and a fellow third year industrial design student. My role on our team was to conduct materials and sustainability focused research, create industrial design ideations, and assists with graphic design ideation. The entire project was made virtually using zoom meetings and Miro, a collaborative virtual whiteboard.
The Design Goal:
The project design goal was to create a minimal carrying device and soup cup made with sustainable and temperature-regulating materials. 
The Client:
Our client is The Wok, a local Rochester restaurant serving Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese meals. 
The Challenge:
Due to COVID-19, there has been a dramatic increase in online purchasing including food delivery. Food packaging methods today are poorly suited for this new reality. The common issues with the food packaging and delivery today include contamination, food damage, incorrect orders, and poor sustainability.  
The Audience:
Our target audience includes US adults seeking healthy and convenient meals to enjoy at home. In our research we found that people are currently seeking comfort food, but also fun and excitement to enjoy at home. My team discovered that premium ingredient, international soups can fulfill these needs. 
Design Process
The divergent ideation phase of our project started with rough sketches done by all team members. We categorized the ideas on a scale of mild to wild. The more traditional ideas are located toward to top while crazier ideas located toward to bottom. My sketches are 1, 4, 9, 18, 19, 20, 22, & 23.
Once we were ready for convergent ideation, we took the best ideas and ranked them in chart against criteria we came up with in our research phase.
Set of paper cup prototyping folding lid
Set of paper cup prototyping folding lid
paper cup prototype closed
paper cup prototype closed
paper cup prototype open
paper cup prototype open
cardboard 3 slot holder prototype
cardboard 3 slot holder prototype
cardboard 3 slot holder prototype
cardboard 3 slot holder prototype
Cardboard 3 slot holder prototype open
Cardboard 3 slot holder prototype open
After sketching, I was in charge of making rough prototypes for the team before continuing on to our final design 
The Final Product
The Carrying Device
The final carrying device design is made from corrugated cardboard because it is a low cost, environmentally friendly, and temperature regulating material. The device safety holds 4 soups cups and can remain stable in a during transportation while utilizing a minimal amount of material and can be recycled.

Die cut of carrying device

The Soup Cups
The soup cup designs are made from a heavy waterproof paper design that is biodegradable. The sunken lid design helps insure no spillage occurs and the sticker design insures the safety of the contents. Each flavor of soup has its own fun and informative sticker seal.
Project Skills
Working within a client's design language
Working along side a graphic designer
Designing packaging and creating full scale models 

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