My name is Eleanor Green and I am an industrial designer that is passionate about sustainability, fun, and the future of design. The world is moving toward a sustainable future and all forms of design need to follow. I aim to incorporate sustainability and biophilia into any and all forms of design. I want to pursue variety in design and work with other disciplines to expand my thinking and workstyle. 
My hobbies include rock climbing and petting cats. I am also an active member of RIT's improv club on campus (so I'm pretty funny).
I am currently studying at Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in industrial design and a minor in environmental studies. I am seeking full time employment for May 2022. ​​​​​

More In-Depth Look at Eleanor
I grew up in Houston, Texas and have always appreciated art and wildlife. After hurricane Harvey, I realized I need to make a change in the world. I was inspired to pursue industrial design because the versatility it offers for solving problems.
One of my favorite parts of being an industrial designer is the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary environments to expand my thinking. I have a passion for talking to clients, meeting new people, and learning new things.
My logo is inspired by organic life. I wanted a design that represents me, bubbly, fun and green. I was practically born with a color scheme, given my last name. The organic nature of the design represents my love of nature and my personal ability to adapt to my surroundings.
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