Steady Slicer brand that specializes in assistive cutting tools for kitchen use
About the Project
Date: Summer 2020
The Team:
This project was created during my internship with Studio 930 and was entirely virtual. My team consisted of one mechanical engineer, one integrative design student, and two industrial design students. My role on the team mainly consisted of sketching and physical prototyping but also included some research and 3D modeling.
The Advisors:
Our team was coached by Michael Thaney and throughout the summer we met with Dan Harel who managed Studio 930. 
The Design Goal:
“In the kitchen when I use knife to prepare a meal or at the table eating I need to focus on holding the food with a fork to cut the meat.  In the office holding a piece of paper just reminding myself to press down on the table or grasp the paper to hold it in my left hand.” - Karen S. (Al Sigl)​​​​​​​
The Challenge:
Using a tool to cut, slice, and chop can be difficult for someone with a disability that affects their fine motor function, grip strength, or finger dexterity. For individuals with these disabilities, knives can be too difficult to manipulate while keeping the food they are cutting stable.​​​​​​​ 
The Audience:
Studio 930 often designs with disabilities in mind. Although our design goal started with paralysis in mind, Steady Slicer tools can help those with a variety of disabilities to even the general public.
Design Process
Our team started with a divergent thinking process that resulted in many different sketches for a variety of ideas. Once we fully explored our design potential we converged on two main design concepts.
Final Design
Steady Slice is a brand we created that specializes in designing assistive tools for cutting in the kitchen. The Wrist Rocker Knife is designed to give the user more control over the knife with a different style of attachment to the users arms. The Rail Optimized Chopping Knife (R.O.C.K) has the approach of providing an entire safe cutting system with maximum stability by connecting the knife to the cutting board.
Rail Optimized Chopping Knife (R.O.C.K)
Rail Optimized Chopping Knife (R.O.C.K)
Wrist Rocker Knife
Wrist Rocker Knife
R.O.C.K in use
R.O.C.K in use
Wrist Rocker in use
Wrist Rocker in use
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