Designing with elderly in mind
About the Project:
Date: Spring 2020
This project was completed by myself and involved meeting with residents of Valley Manor Independent Living for research. The focus of this assignment was assisting with balance for elderly.
Problem Statement:
How can we improve the dignity of elders with physical balance issues using assistive devices within their home?
Design Process
The design process started with interviewing members of the Valley Manor Independent Living and sketching based on their needs and feedback. After submitting sketches and receiving feedback a few times from the community and my classmates, I created a final design.
Final Design
The Grab Ring is a appealing and multifunctional grab bar. The design is meant to break away from the typical obtrusive design of common grab bars. The grab ring is the ideal shape to be reached at multiple point and angles and offers additional uses such as a towel holder. 

Orthographic of Grab Ring

SolidWorks model of Grab Ring

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