THAT CPD 2016 sponsored by THAMES – 3D and Printmaking

This Spring THAT network has been organising and running CPD workshops in order to broaden the practice, skills base and confidence of primary and secondary art teachers in Tower Hamlets Borough. The government and indeed schools currently make no provision for such training despite the clear benefits to teachers and students alike and therefore THAT has made it a mission to ensure that this provision is made with a ‘bottom up’ approach to delivery. ¬†With the support of THAMES we are able to offer these CPD opportunities to teachers for free and to involve local artists and practitioners. So far two workshops have taken place, one hosted by Bishop Challener and run by artist Julia Clarke in wire and willow and one at St Paul’s Way Trust, run by their technician and resident artist Paul Wye and focusing on combinations of printmaking.

As an artist teacher myself I benefit hugely from being involved in these workshops and they translate directly into my own practice and therefore to the practice of my students. See below some of the work completed only a week later by pupils who came in to school during the holidays to take on the opportunity to learn the lithography process. These oil based inks are incredible as they make the prints more versatile – they can then be painted over due to the resist nature of the inks or overprinted to create depth and layers in their compositions:

Inking up a sensitised photocopy as part of the lithographic process
Print from an original photocopied drawing from A level Sketchbook
Print from an original photocopied drawing from A level Sketchbook
GCSE Past Present Future development work

For more information and downloadable resources including the artists Powerpoints and step by step guides to the processes we studied, go the the THAT network website.