MA Art and Design In Education

Who is Ms Green?

This summer I completed the dissertation for my MA Art and Design in Education, University of London. Being an artist and a teacher is a very different experience to being a subject specialist in other areas of secondary education and allows the opportunity to present ‘studio work’ intrinsically linked the the written element. Please do read the abstract below for more information about the written component. In accompaniment to this I am delighted to have finally had time to upload the film, my studio response:

Who is Ms Green?

    Identification, the artist teacher and the performance of teaching


It began as a process of identification, instigated by working in collaboration with an artist.  It evolved into a full blown identity crisis. It led to one question: Who is Ms Green?

This body of research aims to turn artist-teachers inside out– peeling back and examining the layers that build teacher identity. Training to teach is said to have a transformative effect on identity (Adams: 2007).  Learning to work within micro-societies such as schools involves a degree of adaptation. Essentially a school is an institution imbued with its own sociological coding.  So do art teachers learn to conform to these codes through the process of teacher training- or do they simply learn to perform within these environments?

Performance is integral to my artistic practice, is it possible that it is also at the core of my teaching?  Is Ms Green a character, another role I have developed, a mask, an alias? Or does Ms Green represent an evolution of the self- a more articulate, confident and socially adaptable creature? Where does the artist end and the teacher begin?

Who is Ms Green?

The following film accompanied the dissertation and was exhibited during  the development of the research in July 2012. It forms part of the overall thesis and both develops and compliments my written findings:

If you require any further  information about this research contact me at:


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